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Buying New Medical Equipment

Germany is home to numerous established medical technology companies. In addition the country is also home to many medical technology SMEs specialized in niche or highly focused fields. In this environment Medizinio has direct connections with manufacturers in Germany.

Regadless of the company and model we can find the machine you are looking for. Needless to say Medizinio is not affiliated with any of the manufacturers and we offer our unbiased and objective assesments.

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Buying & Selling Used Medical Equipment

Medizinio functions as a marketplace for those who want to sell their used equipment and those who are looking to buy them. Since the dealers in our network are certified, there is no question about the quality and functionality of the second-hand equipment we are offering.

Most medical institutions and hospitals in Germany renew their equipment every 7 years to benefit from tax incentives. This means you can find many high-tech, well-maintained equipment from 2010s using our services.

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