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Find medical equipment with Medizinio

Germany has one of the biggest and most reputable medical instrument industries in the world. Both big equipments such as MRI and smaller ones such as laser are in high demand all over the world. Medizinio is the biggest online portal for both new and used medical instruments in Germany.

We serve as a meeting place for hospitals, practices, doctors and medical equipment manufacturers. In order to find the equipment you are looking for, just fill out our offer form and we will find the perfect equipment for you.

How Medizinio ships medical equipment

Image: Container ship in Hamburg Terminal
Germany is the trade leader of the European Union | © KarstenBergmann / CC0

Germany is the biggest importer of medical devices within the EU. In addition to many well established medical equipment manufacturers, the size of Germany’s own healthcare sector drives innovation. Germany’s electro-medical equipment export volume exceeded 13 € billion in 2018.

The medical equipment industry saw above 4 % growth rates within the last couple of years and expected to expand further. Since the domestic healthcare industry constitutes about 12 % of the gross domestic product, the used medical equipment market in Germany offers plentiful opportunities as well.

To grab opportunities in Germany all you need to do is to fill out our offer form. Then we establish a connection between you and prospective sellers. Once the purchasing phase is successfully completed, our partners undertake the shipment. Depending on your location, your equipment may arrive by sea or by land. Containers are perfect to carry medical equipments of all sizes.

Our partners make sure that all necessary attention is given when handling sensitive technical cargo. Following table shows the volume of medical instrument export from Germany to selected countries around the world.

Destination Country Medical Instrument Export Value (2017)
Poland €196 Million
Russia €389 Million
United Arab Emirates €70 Million
Saudi Arabia €110 Million
Libya €12 Million
Iran €72 Million
Egypt €61 Million
Nigeria €4 Million
Kenya €5 Million
South Africa €72 Million
India €187 Million
Pakistan €42 Million
Brazil €114 Million

When we talk about methods of export, water is the uncontested leader. As one of the biggest economies in the world, Germany houses two ports that are among the busiest 50 ports of the world. Hamburg Port is the biggest in Germany and it handled more than 8 million containers in 2018.

Everyday ships from all over the world dock in Hamburg and many ships sail out to hundreds of destinations. For this reason it is very likely that your shipment will be handled in Hamburg. Another possibility is Bremerhaven which is the second biggest port in Germany.