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Find medical equipment with Medizinio

Medizinio is the biggest online portal to find new and used medical equipment from Germany. We have links with manufacturers in Germany but also with big medical institutions and solo practitioners. All you need to do is to provide us the type of equipment you are looking for. Then we look for a suitable match inside our network.

If you are satisfied with our offer and proceed to buy there are two possibilities concerning shipment. Either the seller undertakes all shipment responsibilities and provides a door to door service. Alternative is that you as the buyer are responsible for arranging shipment details. Even in the second case it is nothing complicated as thousands of private companies provide these services.

International shipments to Russia

Image: Saint Petersburg Harbor
St Petersburg has the busiest port in Baltic Sea | © 12019 / CC0

Since Russia is the biggest country in the world by landmass, transportation to some cities is a bit trickier than the rest. However the country has a far reaching train network this means once on a port, your medical equipment can be loaded on a freight train. The most likely route from Germany to Russia is Hamburg - San Petersburg which takes about 5 days.

Additionally it is possible to reach cities on the south such as Sochi, Rostov-on-Don and Volgograd by water taking the Mediterranean and Black Sea route. When we talk about transportation costs there are multiple factors at play. Depending on the equipment you bought, mode of transportation, distance and destination shipping can cost anywhere between 500 € and 5.000 €.