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Looking For ECG Machines?

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About the Electrocardiogram (ECG)

The electrocardiogram, ECG for short, describes the recording of the entire electrical activity of all heart muscle fibres. These are recorded with the help of an electrocardiograph, better known as an ECG machine, and can provide information about the state of the organ's health. The ECG is one of the most important non-invasive examination methods in cardiological diagnostics.

Before a heart contracts, it is preceded by an electrical impulse that runs internally to the other heart muscle cells. The resulting change in heart tension can be measured on the body surface and displayed over time. Resting ECGs, long-term ECGs and stress ECGs can be performed.

The development of the ECG supposedly goes back to the year 1843, when Carlo Matteucci recognized by experiments on pigeon hearts that the activity of the organ is based on electrical processes. In 1882, the physiologist August Desiré Waller first derived an ECG from his dog. In the following years, Wilhelm Einthoven and Norman Wilson continued to have a decisive influence on the development of the examination method.

Image: Our tips in purchasing new medical equipment

Current trends such as the ECG app or data transmission via internet facilitate home examinations and communication in the practice. Wireless devices and accessories are also becoming more and more popular. At Medizinio you will receive offers from relevant manufacturers for a wide range of ECG devices and other medical equipment demands.

Costs and Areas of Application

Image: A patient during a ECG stress test
ECGs can be used for stress tests | © Serafino Mozzo /

The individual ECG devices differ according to the scope of the examination and thus according to the respective technical equipment. Depending on the type of device, they have one to twelve channels.

The areas of application for ECGs range from operation room to the hospital and ambulance to domestic use. Equipment for long-term ECGs is also used in hospitals, surgical operations and also at home. You can see in the table below how much different ECG machines cost.

Type Fields of Application Features Costs
Resting ECG Medical Practice, Hospital Short recording time, available as PC ECG system or standalone, 3/6/12 channels 900 - 3.500 €
Long-term ECG Hospital, Medical Practice, House Recording over 24 hours, also called Holter Monitor, usually 3 channels 1.000 - 3.500 €
Stress ECG / Ergometry measuring station Medical Practice, Hospital Examination under physical strain using a bicycle, treadmill etc. 5.000 - 15.000 €
Mobile ECG Home, Ambulance, Hospital, Doctor's office Compact, transportable, available as resting and long-term ECGs

500 - 5.000 €

Tips for Buying ECG Devices

Image: ECG Machine purchase plan
Which ECG device at which price? | © Stokkete /

When purchasing an ECG machine, doctors should consider some aspects. First and foremost, it is important to obtain several comparative offers for a particular device in order to find the best supplier. Some manufacturers also offer trial orders so that you can try out the suitability of a machine in your daily use.

To find the right machine, doctors should be clear about which tests they want to do with it. In addition, optional upgrades with additional modules should be considered so that different ECG applications can be retrofitted if necessary. The individual manufacturers can provide information in this regard.

Since ECGs count as standard examinations, repairs must be carried out immediately in the event of damage. To ensure this, a service contract with the manufacturer can be concluded when purchasing a machine. Find out about potential additional costs, such as retrofitting or connecting to your practice software, before you make a purchase. These are often not included in the purchase price.

Questions before Purchase Tips
Which machine do I want at which price? Obtain information and comparative offers
Is the machine user-friendly? Request a trial order
Which checks would I like to carry out? Ask for technical equipment, check optional upgrade
Who repairs in case of damage / malfunction? Service contract with the manufacturer
What are the additional costs? If necessary, further upgrades, including the software

Comparison of Known ECG Manufacturers

Image: Compare ECG manufacturers with your tablet
Find the optimal ECG manufacturer | © xijian /

In order to keep a good overview of the multitude of manufacturers and models, we have listed the leading companies on the medical equipment market for ECG machines for you.

The individual manufacturers of ECG machines offer different portfolios as well as products for various examinations. Among the best-known and largest manufacturers of ECG devices on the medical technology market are Cardioline, GE Healthcare and Mindray. But other companies also have their advantages. Norav, for example, is regarded as a leader in the field of computer-based ECG machines.

In contrast, the Nihon Kohden and Fukuda Denshi brands are known for their years of experience. In terms of value for money, Labtech Ltd, Edan and Medical Econet stand out. All relevant manufacturers and their strengths are summarized in the following table.

ECG Machine Manufacturer Features
Aspel Broad product range
Biocare Wide range of applications
Cardioline Broad product range
Custo Med Works with regional suppliers
Dr. Gerhard Schmidt Mobile devices for location-independent use
Edan Broad product range
Fukuda Denshi Wide range of applications
GE Healthcare Machines with screen, thermal printer and software
Kalamed Specialized in ECG and ultrasound devices
Kenz Classic ECG devices
Labtech Ltd. Broad product range
Medical Econet Mid price segment
Mindray Complex solutions for clinical applications
Nihon-Kohden Machines with screen and thermal printer
Norav Leader in the field of computer-based ECG
Philips Wide range of applications
SCHILLER Broad product range
Spacelabs Healthcare Highly developed technology for medical practices

Maintenance and Service for ECG Machines

Image: Maintenance of an ECG Machine
Regular maintenance of the ECG unit is important | © sudok1 /

The ECG equipment of a practice must be serviced at regular intervals, otherwise an individual or an institution may be legally liable. Laws of every country determine how often which machines must be serviced and which controls have to be carried out.

The maintenance of your ECG machines must be carried out by trained personnel who have suitable measuring and testing equipment at their disposal.

ECG: Information for Patients

An ECG test is a so-called non-invasive examination. This means that no medical devices are introduced into the patient's body. Thus resting ECGs and long-term ECGs have no side effects on humans.

As a rule, stress ECGs are also risk free. Depending on the patient's state of health, however, there is a possibility that the patient may feel dizziness, chest pain or shortness of breath during physical activity. Blood pressure can also rise or fall at an above average rate. Therefore, medical personnel permanently monitor the stress ECG and discontinue the examination when necessary.