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About Medizinio and our service

On our website you will find information and free offers about new and used medical equipment. We assist you in finding a suitable dealer from a large network in Germany who has the right medical devices at hand.

Image: Our tips in purchasing new medical equipment

At Medizinio all offers are free of charge and non-binding. When you fill out an offer form there is no commitment at all. Also you don't have to know every technical detail - just enter the information you already have. Everything else will be clarified during the one-on-one consultation.

How to buy used medical equipment

The second hand medical equipment market in Germany is quite big. To benefit from tax incentives most medical institutions in Germany renew their medical equipment every 7 years. Combined with this fact, the regulations are strict in the country so all of the used equipment we are offering are well-maintained.

As a result you can find high-tech, branded machines produced in early 2010s that are as good as their new counterparts. All you need to do is to fill out the corresponding offer form so we can find the right partner for you.

How to sell used medical equipment

When you are looking for an upgrade and want to sell your used medical equipment, we help you find a new home for your machine. The value of this transaction may be counted towards the payment for the new equipment, so a trade-in is a possibility.

Needless to say, you can also sell your used medical technology through Medizinio without making a new purchase. Just fill out our offer form to move forward.